Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2nd tiny thesis snippet

Even though I finished my drawing for "The Three Little Kittens" earlier this week, I'm just getting around to posting it. Mmm. Teasers. Ha, this is probably my favorite part of the whole piece... :D

more towels :)

Over the weekend more of my beach towels came out! I didn't buy all of them cause, um, I couldn't bring myself to spend 200 dollars on beach towels :P


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wine labels/Society

I love doing quick little sketchy things, it's such a nice break from working meticulously in AI. These are actually for my wine label assignment for perez, one if for a french rose and the other for a chardonnay. The originals are sans blue sky, I added the sky to make these more into illustrations to submit to Society. Yeehaw!

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Yay for self portraits!! This one is for Perez's advanced computer illustration class... he said we didn't have to make it look like us, just more represent us...

I finally got to put my chicken in! :D

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last first day

Seems so weird tomorrow (Monday) will be my last first day of school EVER. Crazy.

Here's a snippet of my first finished thesis illustration!! The reason I'm not posting the whole thing is because I would like people to see a whole body of work at our senior show in May. Don't worry, I'll post the finals on here after the show :)

Here's what my thesis actually is. I love children's books and specially old, classic children's poems and nursery rhythms. I've always wanted to illustrate some of my all time favorites... so this is my chance. I've chosen about 9 poems, mostly from books my Grandmother and Mom read to me from. A lot of these poems I can still hear my grandmother read to me, so they all have a special place in my heart. I think my grandmother had the most enthusiasm concerning me becoming an artist, she's had quite the influence on me!

The image above is from a short poem by Quentin Blake

Handy spandy, Jack-a-Dandy
Loves plum cake and sugar candy.
He bought some at a
grocer's shop

And out he came, hop, hop
hop, hop!

Some of the other poems I picked are: 3 little kittens, Mrs. Snipkin and Mrs. Wobblechin, Owl and the Pussy Cat, several others from Quentin Blake, Peter Pumpkin Eater, Little Bo Peep, The Hen....

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh wow

Sorry it's been such a long time.... with good reason though. For those not in the Ringling bubble, senior illustration majors are required to create a senior thesis and on May 1st, we have a big show and it's all exciting. So I'm working on my thesis, I'll post snippets of what I'm doing, but not actually the whole piece because I want people to see fresh work when they come to the show :)

When I post a snippet, I'll explain what I'm doing...

In other news, my BEACH TOWELS are finally out at Bealls. For those who don't know, I interned over the summer in their design studio working on product development. I did lots and lots of towels and a good chunk of them will be out (some now) and in Feb, march and april...I also did old lady t-shirts, flip flops and some melamine dishes, I'll post those when they come out.

I made a facebook album of stuff thats out, so if you want to check it out go to the link below :)